Luang Phu Prohmma – Wat Tham Suan Himapant Nang Loi

Luang Phu Prohmma of Wat Suan Himapant Nang Loi (Ubon Rachatani), is one of Thailands Historically famous Gaeji Ajarn Master Monks of the Isan region. He ordained as a Samanera at the age of 12, and learned how to make Buddha Magic at this ripe young age with Somdej Lun, a Khmer Master of Jampa Sak. He studied for 6 years under this Master, who passed away at this point. After the death of his teacher in Buddha Magic, Luang Por Prohm wandered around the country in Tudong practice (aimpless wandering of an ascetic). It was during this time that Luang Phu Promma was able to meet and study under the great Arahant Luang Phu Mun Puratto.

After studying with Luang Phu Mun, LP Prohmma then went to live in a Cave on the peak of a mountain called Khao Kway, and he remained here practicing in solitary for a period of 45 years. After this, he crossed the border into Thailand in the year 2533, where he went to stay in a cave where he had noticed that many wild animals would come and cross paths and coexist together. He stayed in this cave practicing, and his merits and renunciation became so well known, that even Somdej Prataep Radtana rachasuda Siam Boroma Rachachonanee (the Royal Princess), travelled twice to pay reverence and offerings to Luang Phu Prohmma.

Luang Phu Prohmma Lersi

Up to his death, Luang Phu Promma had helped the local folk of the forest and farmers with various projects to develop the area, or preserve the wild forest and natural habitat. Luang Phu Promma of Samnak Songk Tham Suan Hin Gaew (Phaa Nang Loi), Poo Grajiaw mountain, Ban Dong Na, Sri Mueang Mai, Ubon Rachatani, passed away from heart disease in 2545 BE at the respectable age of 105 years old Those who worship the Ruesi or practice Ruesi-ism, or use the Ruesi amulets are very familiar with the Ruesi Loi Ongk statuettes of Luang Phu Promma for being of the finest Ruesi statuettes available, and made by a Monk who has practiced in the way of the Ruesi for all of his adult life, living in caves and stripped bare of luxuries and comforts, and spending the dark hours in solitude and meditation in the forest caves. A Ruesi amulet by a true Ruesi.

LP Promma is known to make extremely powerful Ruesi amulets, and this is due to the fact that, as he was wandering on Tudong,he learned Wicha from a Ruesi who was living in the forest. This was part of what caused LP Prohmma to be inclined to make so many tens of famous editions of Ruesi amulets (for it is the Ruesi for which he is famous in the amulet world) Most editions of his Ruesi amulets were made from sacred herbal powders and pollens, but because of their brittleness and easy to break, the Devotees began to ask for Ruesi amulets as metal coins or statuettes.