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We have now moved our official store to the new domain of, but remains as the informational website and store that it always was, and will grow in info pages, as well as use the blog section for Newsletters (subscribe by email to recieve them).

Mobile store domain was changed from to the most simple mobile domain name of all; – But after many dead links and complaints, we have reverted to the old

That’s all you have to type to get to the mobile store

As to, this will remain a simple store with blog section that is a secondary way of browsing the store by using post categories, which, although similar to the store categories, display blog posts and articles instead of products in the store.

We hope you forgive us for the double-act of using two different domains that contain the same storefront, but the new domain name is something which which benefits us greatly as far as search engines are concerned, for this reason, please forgive us for changing the default domain in the account and invoices, but your account is equally valid on both websites, and is not separate in any way.

Everything continues as normal with Thailand-Amulets.Net and you won’t notice anything different continuing using this store. Its just that both stores are controlled by one administration panel which allows for a very easy control and oversight of our customers and orders.

You can surf the Amulets in store more quickly on, but if it is info you wish to research, then remains the Reference Standard info website for Thai Buddhist Amulet.




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2 Thailand Based Buddhist Amulet  Websites with Different Blog Content, Same Store, same login, and lots of Thai Buddhist Amulets.

Thai Buddhist Amulets last Month has seen a host of fascinating high class items to the store, and we havce seen a massive rise in the quantity and quality of our choice of amulets and Bucha Items. The latest additions already added, as well as those we have recievged already but have not yet had time to write up and add to the store will be presented in an Article on the new HQ – Newsletters such as this one will remain coming from, and all info pages will also be added only here. will not contain pages, only blog posts and articles. Both sites are equally interesting to surf and read, so please enjoy both of them, and dont worry about your shopping cart if you are on both sites, because it is the same shopping cart, and does not need two separate accounts to operate through either store.The new domain will contain some amulets which does not contain, which are special individual auctions made through separate individuals. Some of these will be extra special chances to obtain rare amulets, and will appear in the ‘Auction’ Category (in construction) on, so watch out for auctions too.

Above; Pra Putta Chinarat ‘Jom Rachan’ edition Buddhist Coin Amulets Wat Pra Sri Radtana Maha Tat (Pitsanuloke)

Click the above link to enjoy reading the documentation on all the various Models, the Blessing and Sacred Ingredients, and view our stock of this Amazing Edition of Thai Buddhist Amulets. See List of All Documentations of various Editions of Thai Buddhist Amulets