Thai Amulets added to Thailand Amulets Store for New Year 2013

Latest Thai Amulets added to Thailand Amulets Store this January – a Mass of new Thai Amulets that we simply can not add fast enough for our liking!

So here is a small newsletter with the latest selections of Thai Buddhist Amulets and Occult Charms, that we have not yet added to the store, so that you can have a preview of the goodies we have in store for you for the start of 2013. Although Occult Charms are the most popular choice for many of our Customer, we have lately been prone to add a large number of High-End Thai Buddhist Amulets of the Puritan and Classic Collector Variety. This is due to the fact that we wish to provide the best Buddhist new-Era Amulets for Posterity and Documentation, as well as for reference Study, by stocking and documenting each edition for your perusal and study. Such documentations will assist the student and serious collector of the future to inquire and confirm the authenticity of a certain model of amulet belonging to these editions.


But, seeing as we ourselves and you our customers love occult charms, this month of January will see a massive new selection of hundreds of new Amulets, with a strong leaning to the Maha Sanaeh and Choke Lap type amulet for riches in business and gambling, and lucky fortunes in passionate affairs.

Anti Black magic protection is always a major topic in the store, and this continues with the current additions.

Let us now take a look at a synopsis of some of the amulets we have taken some pics of today.

The truth is, we have over 400 new amulets to add, so we had better get going, and add them. We leave you here to enjoy these few pictures of some of them, and wondering what the other 360 or so amulets are?

Happy New year to all Our readers and Customers, may the amulets in our store bring you the most success, wealth, health, prosperity and happiness to You and your Families.