Thai Amulets Added in April & Some News about Safe Sak Yant

Presenting an easy to sit back, relax and watch slideshow of the amulets added to Thailand Amulets, Buddhist Amulet, and Ancient Amulet Stores in the Month of April.

Please enjoy this long slideshow presenting you with a general overview of the latest amulets we have added to all three online amulet stores, without having to visit all three stores to browse. You can see which store which amulet was added to easily because each picture has the url of the store it was added to watermarked on it, as each image comes up throughout the slideshow.

If any amulet interests you, you can then go to whichever of the three websites it is in, to view it and read up about it

We hope you enjoy the slideshow. The Music for this slideshow was composed and played by Thailand-Amulets Proprietor, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood, Music Making being one of his personal hobbies, which he does to relax from his hard work authoring and publishing info on Buddha Magic, Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos, and Thai Amulets.

On the subject of Ajarn Spencer Littlewood and Tattoos, we can also update some news that Ajarn Spencer Littlewood has now opened a Modern Hygienic Tattoo Studio and Tattoo School in Pattaya district, and is installing his Sak Yant Foundation Museum of Sacred Yant, and is now planning to install a small area for Bucha to Por Gae Lersi Dta Fai and Sak Yant, for performing Sak Yant.

Ajarn Spencer - Pics from the Past

Ajarn Spencer – Pics from the Past

He will then be receiving people who wish to visit and receive information or just chat about the subject of Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos, Buddha Magic, the Lersi, and in certain circumstances, perhaps also receive a Sak Yant Tattoo. Ajarn Spencer uses Modern State of the Art Autoclave Sterilisation, and Ultrasonic Cleaning Instruments from the Modern tattoo Studio at Pattaya Tattoos, to ensure Safe Hygienic Traditional Sak Yant Tattooing (and modern tattooing), which can be applied by hand method or machine method, and ensures complete prevention ofd cross contamination, for Safe Health and Hygiene.

Pattaya Tattoos Studio, Tattoos School and Samnak Sak

Pattaya Tattoos Studio, Tattoos School and Samnak Sak Yant Featuring Ajarn Spencer Littlewood’s Sak Yant Foundation Museum – Modern Hygiene with Ancient Art.