Sacred Lek Lai from Holy Caves of Laos

Lek Lai Tham – Lek Lai cut from Sacred Cave wall

Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi elemental
Pure Raw Lek Lai Sacred Element for increased Luck, Protection and enhanced Psychic Powers.

Both a very strong amulet for protection and wealth increase, as well as a very powerful magical tool for meditation, and magical practice. The Lek Lai has the power to heal illnesses, protect from deadly dangers and even attract great wealth and prosperity. A favorite tool for Yogis, Ruesi and Meditators, the Lek Lai is a rare and essential substance which is revered as a Kaya Siddhi element with a Deva inhabiting it.

Its properties and miraculous powers are legendary both for their invincibility protective magic and the ability to increase luck wealth and prosperity.

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