Puttapisek Pra Khun Phaen Ban Krang Sao Ha (Wat Kae)

The Maha Puttapisek ceremony was made on a very unusual occasion, for not only was it Sao Haa auspicious date and Lunar alignments, the particular astrological configuration coincided that both Venus and the Moon were precisely in the phase that Thai Buddhist Astrologers class as ‘Maha Ut’. This particular occasion, both Venus and the Moon were radiating their power to clear bad energy and fate, and to increase Baramee and Merit in the wearer of the amulets, as well as the immense Kong Grapan power of protection.

Contrary to popular belief, the Khun Phaen is not an amulet for ‘Men Only’. Its power of charm and attraction is useful for business salesperson, its protective Kong Grapan power and Serm Duang (auspicious Horoscope) power is useful to both ladies and men. There are various Pim in different sizes, some of which are suitable for a child or a lady to wear.

Piti Maha Puttapisek Pra Khun Phaen Run Sao Haa  was held at Wat Kae in the ‘Wiharn Maha Ut’ Vihara shrine room. The ceremony was performed on 20th March 2553, Haa Kam, Duean Haa – 5th lunar phase of the fifth lunar month – ‘Sao Haa’ means ‘Saturday  of the Five’. Sao Haa is an auspicious date for Puttapisek blessing and empowerment ceremonies, and is traditionally believed to be a rare source of great magical power for amulets.

Above Pic; Top left – Pra Kroo Bpladtammawongsaanuwatr (Abbot of Wat Kae) lights the Tian Chai to inaugurate the ceremony. Top right – Luang Por Poon douses out the Tian Chai to close the ceremony.
Bottom left – Luang Por Poon (Wat Ban Paen). Center – Luang Por Chuan (Wat Pra Loi), and (below right) Luang Por Chorb (Wat Sawang Arom).

Muan Sarn (Pong Khun Phaen, and Pong Khun Phaen Gao) used in the making of the amulets.


tian chai ceremonial candle

‘Jut Tian Chai’ – lighting the Victory Candle

amulet Pra Kring empowerment ceremony

Muan Sarn and Wan – herbs and sacred powders, pollens and flowers for the amulet mixture.

Pra Kring Bhuddhapiseka

LP Poon (above)

Pra Kring Bua Rorb ceremony

Luang Por Chuan (above)

Luang Por Perm (above)

Luang Phu Nam also made and blessed a series of limited edition Pra Kring amulets ‘Pra Kring Bua Rorb – Run Burana Sala’

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