Pra Pidta Luang Por Koon soaked in prayer water with gold tagrud 2536 BE

Pid Ta amulet Luang Por Koon Chae Nam Mon

This is one of Luang Por Koons famous Pid Ta amulets from the Era just before the temple of Wat Ban Rai reduced the quantity of amulets made, due to an extreme amount of LP Koon amulets in existence, and they wished to increase the specialness and rarity of Luang Por Koons Sacred amulets, which became so popular because of the high number of success stories and life saving miracles which were attributed to his amulets in various cases which came into the news of people surviving almost certain death, who wore his amulets. This caused a massive rise and fall in popularity, because a great number of Investor-devotees made offers to help fundraisers by financing amulets to be made and blessed by Luang Por Koon. For over ten years the amulets almost ceased to be made, which caused these earlier amulets to increase in rarity and popularity once more.

Pid Ta amulet Luang Por Koon Chae Nam Mon

As far as Thailand-Amulets.Net is concerned, such issues are completely irrelevant, for the thing that really counts in choosing an amulet, is how faith instilling the monk or maker is, how sacred the Puttapisek blessing and ingredients used in the sacred powder mixture, and the aesthetic beauty of the amulet. Both Luang Por Koon and the empowerment ceremonies of his amulets are worthy of the highest devotion and respect, and are second to none in sacredness. despite this fact, his amulets are still within an affordable price range for most people, and although prices are rising again, they are not rising so fast as to cause any panic or fluctuation in price that would affect their rentability and popularity as happened once before.

Pra Pid Ta Chae Nam Montr Fang Tagrud Tong (gold tagrud insert) Luang Por Koon 2536 BE

With such great Guru monks as LP Koon, the power of the amulets and the public reaction to their magic when it gets in the news is what can cause an imbalance in market prices. But for those who place value on Sacredness of the amulet, and the Purity of practice of its maker, along with the importance of the Puttapisek ceremony, then Luang Por Koon amulets are in fact one of the wisest choices for an extremely sacred authentic Thai Buddhist amulet from a Master Guru monk of immense stature at a very affordable price. This is about the best combination you can get in an amulet don’t you think?