Pra Khun Phaen Hnaa Tong Fang Tagrud Tong – Gammagarn Wai Kroo Edition – Ajarn Thoy Dabos

pra khun phaen amulet - thailand amulets

Hand mixed, pressed and empowered by Ruesi Master Ajarn Thoy personally in traditional manner using sacred ingredients collected over a decade.

rear face khun phaen

Hand made amulet in ancient tradition by Ruesi Por Gae Dta Fai (AKA Ajarn Thoy Dabos). Ajarn Thoy is a young Ajarn of the Ruesi lineage, who has incredibly learned many Wicha from various great Ruesi Masters including Khmer Gurus. His magic has now traveled abroad and his sak yant tattoos and magic amulets and charms are becoming ever more famous in surrounding countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. This Khun Phaen amulet is hand pressed for last years Wai Kroo Ruesi Por Gae event, to distribute at the ceremony.

pra khun phaen hnaa tong

The rear face of the amulet has hand made inscriptions of Khom Agkhara. The Muan Sarn for the sacred powders are made from sacred ingredients that Ajarn Thoy has gathered up over the years, which he mixes and empowers himself by his own hand.

Khun Phaen Wai Kroo edition Ajarn Thoy

It is rare indeed these days to find hand made amulets that are pressed and designed by the Master who empowers them too, but in Ajarn Thoys case, the ancient type of amulet is still available and changes each year at Wai kroo, when a new line of amulets is released.

Ajarn Thoy