Kata Wicha Maha Saneh Gariang Kor Ma

Kata for all amulets which use the Wicha Gariang Kor Ma of Luang Phu Bpan

Luang Phu Bpan Gadtabanno - Wat Na Dee

Wicha Gariang Kor Ma Amulets have gained their immensely popular fame and reputation from the power of Maha Saneh they have proved to carry. Popularity comes from satisfying results recieved, and the Gariang Kor Ma amulets have recieved so many cases of success with those who Bucha them, that this popularity is an obvious result of effective magic.

Kata Pluk Pra Krueang Maha Sanaeh Gariang Kor Ma


Om Naa Ya Ya Su Na Moe Khoe Sa Ra Dti Jidt Dtang Maa Re Ma Ma Ehi Ehi Naa Kha Ya Na Bpa Mak Ka Cha Ka Ya Kha Na Jidt Dtang Sa Maa Ka Naa Samaa Ka Na Home Cha Ka Sa Waa Haa

Luang Phu Bpan Gadtabanno is a Master of Wicha Gariang Kor Ma magical Arts, whose immensely powerful amulets have converted this rare Ethnic Magical Art, into what is fast becoming an internationally talked of phenomenon. Since Luang Phu Bpan began using this Wicha to empower Maha Sanaeh amulets, the Wicha has become known further afield from the Province. The Kata used for Chanting to any amulet made using this Wicha is the same for all amulets, and is the one given above.