Kata Pra Putta Jao Haa Pra Ongk

The Kata Pra Putta Jao Ha Pra Ongk means ‘Mantra to the Five Buddhas’

Kata Pra Putta Jao Ha Praongk


throughout the ages on earth, there have only been a few occasions when a Samputtajao Buddha has appeared and enlightend himself on this planet Through all the Kalpas of Human History there will be only five Buddhas appearing during the time which the Buddha Sasana exists on Earth.

Faithful believers in the Buddha Sasana created the five syllable root mantra in order to pay reverence to these five Buddhas, namely the Kata Prajao Ha Praongk; ‘Na Mo Put Taa Ya’
The five Buddhas of the five eras are each allocated one syllable of the Kata;
Na = Pra Gugusanto (Chicken symbol)
Mo = Pra Gonaakaamano  (Naga serpent symbol)
Put = Pra Gassabo (Kassapa Buddha – Turtle symbol)
Taa = Kodtamo (the present Buddha Sakyamuni – Cow symbol)
Ya = Pra Medtrayya (Maitreya Future Buddha – Lion symbol)

These Buddhas are also mentioned in the Adtaanaadtiyaparittra Kata given by Taw Waes Suwan to the Sangha in order to protect them from evil maras and yaksa when in the forest meditating.

Adtaanaadtiyaparittra (Aatanaatiyaparit – Kata Taw Waes Suwan)

Wibpassisa Na Madt-thu Jagkhumandtassa Siree Madto

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Wipassee Putta Jao who has divine eyes

Sikhissabpi Namadt-thu Sappaphudtaanugambpino

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Sikhee Putta Jao who watches over and protects all beings of the three worlds

Waessa Phussa Namadt-thu Nahaadtagassa Dtabpassino

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra  Waessa Putta jao who has removed all defilement from his heart through his great merits and efforts

Na Madt-thu Gagusandtassa Maarasenabp-bpamattino

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Gagusanta Putta Jao who has beaten and devastaded the Maras and the armies of Mara

Gonaakamanassa Namadt-thu Praahmanassa Wuseemadto

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Gonaakomana Putta Jao, who has risen above all defilement, and who resides in the Brahmacaryas

Gassabpassa Namadt-thu Wibp-bpamudt-dtassa Sappati

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Gassapa Putta Jao who has ascended above suffering and is a skilled Adept in all Dhammas

Ankeerasassa Namadt-thu Sakya Bpudtassa Siree Madto

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Angkeerasa Putta Jao, the Splendrous Son of the Sakya tribe, who relvealed the Dhamma to the world which is the ultimate tool for the removal of all suffering

Yae Jaabi Nippudtaa Logae Yathaa Pudtang Wibpassisung

Who are the ones who have anihillated all defilement and see the truth of the world which lies behind all veils of illusion

Dtae Chanaa Abpisunaa Mahandtaa Weedtasaarataa

These Buddhas are without any malice and are great ones who are free from falterings and instabilities

Hidtang Taewamanussanang Yang Namassandti Kodtamang

The Angels and Humans may revere and Bucha these Buddhas who asre endowed with great Metta which they send to release the Devas and Humans in heaven and on the Earth from suffering.

Wichaa Jaranasambpannang Mahandtang Weedtasaaratang

They are full of Wisdom and Knowledge of the World, those Great ones who are free from instabilities

Wichaa Jaranasambpannang  Puttang Wantaama Kodtamandti

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Putta Jao Kodtama Kodtara, who is Adept with Knowledge Wisdom and Grace.