Kata Nok Kum

Nok Kum

The Nok Kum is a kind of bird which the Lord Buddha was once born as in one of his last 500 lives before enlightenment.
The Nok Kum was born and one day, the parents flew out of the nest in the forest to fly over the fields and find food. As they were away, a forest fire started, and began to consume the tree which the Nok Kum was nesting in.

The Nok Kum thought to himself; “Apart from Morality and Truth, there is nowhere else for me to refuge!”
So he chanted this Kata which translates as;
i have both wings, but they are still too small to fly and i cannot fly away – i have both legs, but i am not yet able to walk, for i am still a baby – my parents are flown from the nest and cannot save me, You oh Fire must go back where you came from”

Because the Nok Kum was the Future Buddha, his Baramee was already so powerful that the Kata worked, and the fire died out. The tiny Nok Kum may seem like a peaceful turtle dove, but in fact its Kata did not only save himself, but also the whole forest.
When made as a Pha Yant (Yantra Cloth)it is very good for preventing fires in the home.

It is also useful as a Sak Yant Tattoo not just for Metta but also for Muay Thai boxers who use a move called ‘Nok Kum Khao Rang‘ (Partridge entering the nest), which the Yantra will surely assist in making this move perfectly.

Kata to chant to the Nok Kum Deity

Used for Pha Yant Nok Kum and Nok Kum amulets. (Wicha from Pra Ajarn Yana Chote)

Sandti Bpagkhaa Abpadt Dtanaa Sandti Bpaataa Awanjana Maadtaa Bpidtaa Ja Nigkhandtaa Chaadtawaeta Bpadtigamaa

Kata Nok Kum (for Metta Mahaniyom)

Putta Maedtang Jidtang Ma Ma Puttaputtaanupaawaena
Tamma Maedtang Jidtang Ma Ma TammaTammaanupaawaena
Sangka Maedtang Jidtang Ma Ma SangkaSangkaanupaawaena
Waetaa Saagu Gusaa Taa wae Taayasaadta Dtadtaayasaa
Saa Saa Ti Guy Gu Ti Saa Saa Gu Dta Gu Pu Pu Gu Dta Gu