Kata Lek Lai- How to Worship Lek Lai

Kata Lek Lai- How to Worship Lek Lai Taat Gaayasit (Kaya Siddhi)

Lek Lai – is a Mysterious Sacred substance which is the subject of Legendary Tales of Miracle Powers which has become a Cult Phenomenon in recent years, due to the ease of access to information enabled by modern Media such as the internet, as well as being due to Marketing scams. Lek Lai used to be presented in only a few forms, shapes and sizes. Now however, there are literally hundreds of different looking substances which those who believe in this elusive miracle substance consider to be Lek Lai, or Lek Lai derivatives. Lek Lai has been used as an ingredient for mixing into amulets for centuries, as well as being used as a magical element in its own right.

Bucha method when Inviting Lek Lai into the Home

Light 12 Incense sticks, and inform the Local Deities and Ghosts about your intentions, and ask their blessing and to protect the household. Bai Sri cones, or, if not available, flower offerings. Honey offerings (one small glass can be placed to the side of the Lek Lai, you don’t have to immerse the Lek Lai in the honey). Perform Bucha Ceremonial Offerings every Full Moon, and lay the Lek Lai out to bathe in the Moonlight, to increase the power of the Lek Lai, and then feed it honey.

Kata Anchern lek Lai

(Kata for asking the Lek Lai to allow you to take it and wear it with you – from ‘Jao Khun Pra Putai Sawan Worakun, or, Luang Por Hone, of Wat Putai Sawan).

Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa (3 times)

  • Puttang Aaraatanaanang Tammang Aaraatanaanang Sangkang Aaraatanaanang

  • Na Mo Puttaaya Na Ma Pa Ta Ja Pa Ga Sa Na I A Ta A Na I – Idtipiso Pakawaa Ji Bi Sae Dti Jijeruni Ma A U

Then make your prayer, or wish.

Kata Bucha Lek Lai – for Praying to the Kaya Siddhi

(Kata for incantation in the home or when carrying Lek Lai)

  • Putto Mae Naa Tho, Tammo Mae Naa Tho, Sangko Mae Naa Tho

  • Sa Ga Pa Ja Bucha Ja

I pay reverence to the guardian of the Sacred Element of Lek Lai that wields
great power.

  • I Sa Waa Su I Dti Bpi So Pa Ka Waa

Lek Lai, please grow and prosper,prosper greatly, cultivate good things and let them flow towards me.

Samma Sammaa Sammaa Samma Ma A U

Na Ma Pa Ta Na Mo Put Taa Ya

The subject of Lek Lai and all the different kinds in existence is one of the topics explained in Buddha Magic Issue 5

What is real Lek Lai like?

1. Lek Lai has an oily shiny surface and reflects the light.
2. It displays many tones and color variations, and is astonishingly beautiful.
3. It looks transparent when immersed in water.
4. There is the Mind of a Ruesi of Great Power within it.
5. If the Ruesi leaves the Lek Lai, it becomes dark black-blue and opaque.
6. If the Spirit of the Ruesi is not present in the Lek Lai, it will not turn transparent and glassy when immersed in water.

There are 7 Major colors of Lek Lai;

See Khiaw Bpeek Malaeng Tap (black-blue)
See Nam Dtaan Orn (light brown)
See Plueak Mangkut (magenta)
See Ngern Yuong (silvery color like mercury)
See Tong Pla Hlai ( Eels-Belly Golden color)
See Nam Nom (Nam Nom Phaen Din – creamy Ivory white)
See Phasom (4 major colors mixture, or 7 colors/Lek Lai jet See)

The Qualities of Lek Lai

It resides within the walls of caves that are cool and damp, with no bats living in there.
It can remain in a static form.
It can slither and move like a snake.
It can appear from nowhere.
It can disappear.
It can stretch itself
It can condense itself
It can block any energy fields, waves or frequency channels.
Guns will not fire in the presence of Lek Lai.
It can make hot water become cold in an instant.
It consumes the phosphorous of bullets and gun shells.
It can emit a Fragrant Aroma.
It can heal illnesses or injuries if laid on the place that is affected.
It is Magnetic.
It can become lighter or heavier.
It can be thrown and will fly back like a boomerang.

Methods of Extraction of Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi Elemental Relics

Dtat Yen (cold cutting)

If the cutting is performed Ceremonially in a Cave, and the Lek Lai is cut in the ‘Rang Lek Lai’ (nest) where it has gathered and formed, then it will be cit using the additional method of ‘Peng Kasin Fai’ (fire staring Kasina). This is the cold method, which is applied using one single candle (one Baht in weight), to melt the Lek Lai.

This cold method can only be successful if the person performing the ritual is an Adept of Fire Kasina and has strong psychic powers. Only such a person will be able to use the weak candle flam and amplify it with his Fire Kasina mental projection, in order to coax the Lek Lai out of its nest and to fall down into the alms bowl with wild forest honey inside. If this cold method is used to cut Lek Lai in a large nest where it has gathered in the cave, then it will be possible to obtain a large number of Lek Lai beads, as many as a hundred or more. If a smaller nest than the amount gathered will be relative to the size of the nest.

Cold cut Lek Lai will always have the same appearance of small rounded beads, similar to that of a pearl. This kind of Lek Lai is considered to be first class, because it is ‘Lek Lai Nam Neung’, which does not solidify in its natural abode. Only with Wicha Akom can it be shaped into solid form. In addition, Lek Lai that has been cut using the cold method has also received the magical incantations and psychic empowerment of the Adept.  ‘Rae Lek Lai Dtat Yen’  is thus the top class of Lek Lai to be found in the World today.

Dtat Rorn

Because it is almost impossible to find Lek Lai in the Natural world, few people can get their hands on it to cut, and the best chance most people get is to remove the ‘Rang Lek Lai’ (nest) that has already been found and extracted by a Kroo Ba Ajarn, and take it out of the cave to extract any remaining residues of Lek Lai from the stone nest. Once taken out from its natural habitat (the cave), then it can only be cut using the hot flame method.

In order to heat the Rang Lek Lai, it is necessary to use extremely hot flame in order to make the Lek Lai dribble out of the stone nest where it is embedded. The person who uses the flame to coax the Lek Lai out of the nest, must possess the Wicha of cutting Lek Lai to successfully convince the Lek Lai to emerge and rip down into the receptacle. If this is not performed with Mastery of the Wicha, then the Lek Lai will not emerge, and the stone nest will explode into pieces. It has often happened that inexperienced people have been injured trying to extract ‘Rae Lek Lai’ from a stone because of their lack of Wicha, and a flame that is too weak. When Rang Lek Lai taken from a cave is heated with an extremely high temperature, and the correct Kata Akom Incantation for the cutting of Lek Lai is chanted, then the stone will not explode, and the Lek Lai that is hidden within the stone nest will begin to seep out slowly.

Large Leklai Kaya Siddhi Elemental Substance from Luang Por Prohm and the Khao or Masters

Because the Lek Lai which falls from the stone nest is still extremely hot, it can burn through thin metal, so a thick steel tray must be used as a receptacle for the Lek Lai to fall into, to avoid it burning straight through the surface.
Lek Lai that has been extracted by the ‘Dtat Rorn’ hot flame method, does not have a round pearl shape to it like Lek Lai that has been enchanted into manifesting with cold flame by a Master within the cave itself. This is because the Lek Lai which is hot and molten that drops from the stone nest into the steel tray, becomes flat on the side that falls to the surface of the tray. They are rounded on one side and smooth as a glass bead, and flat on the other side.
The scratches or surface aberrations of the tray will be visible like a fingerprint on the flat side of the Lek Lai.  It is said, that the Hot flame extraction method (Dtat Rorn), does not require  otherworldly power of the Mastery of Fire Kasina.

With a decent study of the technical aspects of the correct heating of the flame, and knowledge of the Kata Incantation used for chanting to cut the Lek Lai, and some experience in meditation, is enough to be able to extract Lek Lai that resides in the stone.

For this reason, Lek Lai which comes from cold method candle flame cutting is considered to be the most special because it has the Magic of a great Master controlling it with Kasina magic. This makes it also an object of Faith in the Guru who called the Lek Lai, and is a Sacred Buddhist Relic, in addition to a powerful amulet.  A Master who can manifest Lek Lai with cold flame, is afterwards undoubted for his Mastery, and instills strong Faith in the Devotee.

Lek Lai Dtat Rorn, although still a very Miraculous and powerful elemental substance, is inferior in power to Lek Lai Dtat Yen.