Kata for Dependent Origination Pratītyasamutpāda

Kata Paticcasammuphada (Pratītyasamutpāda) – Dependent Origination/Arising

This Kata, or Mantra, is for Chanting as a Kammatthana Mindfulness Meditation, following and considering the meaning of each line. The goal is to penetrate and understand the subtle and elusive mysteries of the Paticcasammuphada (Pratītyasamutpāda in Pali). Dependent Origination is the driving force and a Cosmic process which hurls us through endless lifetimes, and it is the result of causes we make ourselves, which bury is forever in repeated return to Birth, Aging, Sickness and eventually, Death and Cessation. Chanting of This Kata will deepen ones understanding, as well as being a very powerful and meritorious Kata to Chant, which brings many blessings. We recommend this as an Important Kata for Chanting which will bring you to further Advancements in Life, and in your Dhamma and Meditation practice too.
Bhava Chakra - Tibetan Wheel of Arising
Before beginning to learn the chanting of the Kata, it is important to study each facet of the stages of the Paticcasammuphada first, so that when you chant it, you will be able to simultaneously hold the meaning of each phase in your mind and contemplate its subtle causes, in order to attain recognition of the true process of becoming within our own consciousness, and then put a stop to it once and for all. The 12 main interlinked causes of Becoming (The Twelve Nidānas), are;

  • Ignorance – (Avijjā)
  • Fabrications (volitional fabrications) – (Saṅkhāra)
  • Consciousness – (Viññāṇa)
  • Name-and-form – (Nāmarūpa)
  • Six sense media – (Saḷāyatana)
  • Contact – (Phassa)
  • Feeling (Sensation) – (Vedanā)
  • Craving – (Taṇhā)
  • Clinging/sustenance – (Upādāna)
  • Becoming – (Bhava)
  • Birth – (Jāti)
  • Aging, death, and this entire mass of Dukkha) – (Jarāmaraṇa)

It is probably True that Phenomena are sustained only so long as their sustaining factors remain, and so to remove the sustaining factors which are the originating causes of becoming, is to escape return.

Dependent Origination Pratītyasamutpāda