Kata Ngern Larn for Riches

Kata Ngern Larn – Rich Kata (Pratyeka Buddha Mantra)

The Kata Ngern Larn Originates from the Great Luang Por Parn of Wat Bang Nom Kho. To Chant it often is said to bring great riches. The Kata was Mastered by Luang Por Parn under tutelage of an Old Lay Master who was always at the temple, and never worked, but always donated large sums of money.

Luang Por Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho

Luang Por asked the man how he did it, and the man always said it was because of his special Kata. In the end after years of observing the man, Luang Por believed him, and asked to learn and master the Kata. Below is a sound tutorial and text for practicing the Kata.

Putta Ma – A – U
Na Mo Put Tā Ya
Wiratayō Wirakōnāyang Wirahingsā
Wiratasī Wiratāsā Wira Idthīyō
Puttassa Mānī Māma Puttassa Swaahōm