Kata Bucha Mae Tong Soi

Kata Bucha Mae Tong Soi

Mae Tong Soi Prai Deva

Mae Tong Soi

The Mae Tong Soi is a Nang Prai Deva, and uses the ubiquitous methods for all Nang Prai Devas;

Offer whisky (one small glass), Light one stick of incense, and chant the following Kata;

Om U-U A-A Mahaa Phuudtaa Bpariphuudtae Phuudtiwae Sandti Na Ma Maa Maa 

Chant repeatedly until entering a focused rhythm. Once you have achieved this, you can silently chant it throughout the day whenever you feel inclined to use the magic.

Kata Bucha Mae Nang Prai

I-Ta Tu-Sa Ma-So-o

Mae Nang Prai

Mae Nang Prai Deva

Alternative method

Bucha Mae Tong Soi

Light one stick of Incense for the Mae Tong Soi, and chant the following Kata

Jijeruni Jidtang Jaedtasigang iibpang Nimidtang – Mae Tong Soi – Aakajchaahi Aehi Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na La Poo Dtaa 

Kata for giving food and offerings to Mae Tong Soi

Yanginji Jidtang Itawaa Arungwaa Pochanangwaa Punchandti Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na La Poo Dtaa
You can be flexible with what you offer, depending on what is convenient or what you feel your Deities will like to receive.

Light incense occasionally to please the Mae Tong Soi – chant the Kata often.

Some people also offer Whiskey and Fresh boiled pork on Banana Leaf or Pandan leaf. If your country does not have such items or your religion does not permit any of those, then offer what you see to be tasty alternative. You are allowed to consume the offerings afterwards yourself, after a respectable time being left for the Mae Tong Soi to appreciate the offering first.

Food drinks and makeup are all wonderful offerings. I recommend to always include water regardless of whether liquor is offered or not. Liquor is usually offered if you are wishing for her psychic power to work in a frenzied manner (proactive) – for passive attraction then water or red coloured soft drinks is fine
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