Palad Khik Hua Chamot for increased business sales and good luck – Luang Phu In – Wat Nong Meg

The Palad Khik Hua Chamot is empowered using the Khmer Wicha Gampong Jaam for which Luang Phu In is so famous for his Mastery of. This is a very ancient Khmer Wicha which is considered the most powerful maha Sanaeh and Choke Laap magic of Khmer tradition. It is made from Nuea Dee Buk (magical leads), which is a very good material for transmitting magical energies.

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The palad is very small size and suitable for both Man or Woman to use. Always hang it lower than any Buddha images or amulets. It can be attached to a neck chain but lower than monks or Buddhas, or to a belt, keyring, purse or wallet, hang in car, above door of shop or in cash till..

LP In empowered these Palad Khik amulets not only with Ceremonial methods and ritual, but also embedded his own highly developed psychic powers into them.

It is said that in the empowerment Puttapisek ceremony, the devotees all could hear the sound of the Palad Khik spinning around inside the almsbowls they were kept in during the ceremony. This is normally a sign of the authentic ability of the Master, who, if truly powerful, can make the amulets come to life and move of their own accord, sometimes even jumping out of the bowl into the air.

This amulet is exclusively for good sales in business, Luang Phu In says that whoever uses this and  is a salesperson or shopkeeper, will see definite great increase in sales and profits.

Use this Kata for Bucha
Om Siwaling Home Khad Jad Mad Ma Ma Maa Maa Saraa Bparaa Bpaay Bpangkaaya Saraa Bper Doeng Khangaay.

The Kata calls people to approach (customer), and also to call the heart of a man or a woman (secondary effect). Stroke the head of the Chamot as you chant.

Chamot is the name for a Civet Cat or mongoose. So the name of the Palad Khik in English is ‘Civet cat head Palad Khik’.

Luang Phu In

Luang Phu In Khemataewo – Wat Nong Meg (Surin) – Master of Wicha Khmer – Maha Sanaeh Metta Choke Lap. As he was still a young man, he was already a Master of Wicha Maha Sanaeh (attraction and riches charm). As a layman he loved to practice Maha Sanaeh magic. When he ordained, because his inclination was to make amulets, he sought out a dozen or more great masters to teach him their various Wicha…….