Meed Hmor Magic Ritual Knife – Luang Phu Horm Khemiyo (888 limited edition)

Meed Hmor magic ritual knife

Meed Hmor Go Gaew Khemiyo – LP Horm Khemiyo- Way Hnong Chana Chai, Tambon Go Gaew, Lopburi. This Meed Hmor witch doctor knife is the 88th birthday edition of Luang Phu Horm, in his 68th year of ordainment as a Buddhist Monk, practicing the diligent method of Tundonkawatra (Tudong Wat – the practice of minimalistic living with one meal a day before midday and constant solitary forest wandering), for a period of 15 years without intermission. Luang Phu Horm is yet anothe Master Guru who recieved a number of Wicha from the great Master Luang Phu Mun Puratto of the Tammayut Forest Tradition movement.

The knife is 4.4 inches long and apt for ritual use and Bucha on the altar. Encasement in waterproof casing is possible at an extra cost of 12$ if you ask us when ordering, but you must count with an extra seven days delay for delivery if so. Solid Silver casing is also possible at a cost of 80$.

Meed Hmor Go Gaew Khemiyo 88 (Magic ceremonial knife) Luang Phu Horm

The knife is sold in the original box without case otherwise. 888 made in this limited 88th anniversary celebration edition. Thai Numerology deducts that the 68th year of ordination and 88th year of age is an auspicious occasion which generates the number 8 in various permutations.

The instrument was empowered and blessed on 19th August 2553 in the Shrine Room of Wat Chana Chai.

the handle is made from the jackfruit tree – The Kata ‘Namo Puttaaya’ is inscibed in Khom Agkhara.