Making Lek Lai (Lek Nam Pi)

Lek Lai is a legendary substance which is said to possess miracle properties of Kong Grapan and even magical properties which can be used to do amazing feats such as levitation. A pair of male and female Lek Lai, if authentic, can fetch up to a few million dollars a pair for a couple of small size pieces. There are however many kinds of Lek Lai, and some of them are easily affordable. One of these is the beautiful shimmering ‘Lek Nam Pi’ which is used in amulets as well as to make Meed Hmor magic knife and magical swords. Knives and swords which are made with lek nam pi are said to make wounds which cannot be stitched or healed, and will stay open and bleed. The only way to stop it is to use the magic method given by the maker of the knife to remove the spell. One way for example is to use the hilt of the lek nam pi knife used to cut with to rub over the wound, and then the wound can be mended successfully.
You can see the preparation process of extracting the lek nam pi from raw mineral state in the video below.

Lek Nam Pi smelting

Museum of the largest Lek Nam Pi magical Thai sword in the world

I really hope this info proves interesting to readers here in the English speaking amulet community. I plan to begin to write some extensive articles on Lek Lai and the various kinds to be found, as well as how it s used for various purposes as well as being an amulet, it is also an ingredient in other amulets. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming pages and articles on Thailand Amulets dot net to catch the info about Lek Lai, and of course a host of Buddha Magic, Guru Monk, Chanting, and Amulet related topics which will be published as the site grows in its first year of life.