Luang Por Koon amulet revival

Luang Por Koon amulets – why were they so cheap and suddenly got expensive again?

Almost any Westerner or Foreigner who visits Thailand will have heard the name ‘Luang Por Koon’ or the name of his temple ‘Wat ban Rai’ or both even. This is perhaps the most famous monk of the present Era as far as international awareness is concerned, as well as having a reputation for being extremely humble and kind. Luang Por Koon amulets are well known in all provinces of Thailand, and are a common sight in amulet markets and stalls. There is more than one reason for the fact that Luang Por Koon amulets are commonly known, which is something i wish to explain, and is something which may help to understand what causes fluctuations in the amulet world.

Luang Por Koon is a highly revered monk because of the fact that all the funds he has ever raised from amulets has been piled into the public benefit, such as schools, hospitals and roads, as well as charitable projects. This has made LP Koon one of Thailands most beloved monks with local Thai Folk. He has spent till now over 2000 Million baht on public benefit projects. Because of the great popularity of his amulets back then, and the amount of amulets made (perhaps more than any other temple or Luang Por ever), The amulets overflowed the market and caused their popularity to dwindle. They became too commonly seen for speculators or those who control and influence the amulet scene to market them, and prices fell, as did the amount of people looking for LP Koon amulets. LP Koon amulets lost popularity about 12 years ago, and began ending up on small amulet market tables going for very low prices indeed.

For many years after this happened, the temple of Wat Ban Rai refused offers to produce amulets, and maintained this policy (in most cases) for some years. This fact, and the release of the Pra Pid Ta Maha Mongkol ‘Run Koon 88’ editin of amulets in 2553. This amazingly sacred, beautiful and rich in sacred ingredients range, of amulets was enough to turn the tide, and now Luang Por Koons amulets are enjoying a massive revival and prices are rising.

The massive success and popularity enjoyed by the latest edition from LP Koon most certainly has something to do with the fact that, over 288 sacred powders and 108 sacred herbs were added to the amulet mixture.108 famous Master Guru monks from around Thailand empowered them in a massively important Puttapisek ceremony, as well as the fact that Luang Por Koon is now very old indeed, which always influences the popularity of amulets in a big way as far as the official prices which dealers set for an amulet..

If we ignore all this information, and concentrate on the amulet and its maker only, we will see that such influential factors are primarily commercial and administrative, and dont have any importance as far as the words sacred and faith go. If we observe the maker, Luang Por Koon, his great trajectory as a monk and compassionate biography, and examine the sacredness and authenticity of the amulets and their Puttapisek blessing, and consider the sacred powders in these amulets, then this is all we need to conclude that these Pra Pid Ta amulets are the real thing and an extremely wearable, desirable, holy and aesthetic piece of sacred Buddhist art and magical talisman that is a first class acquisition.

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