Luang Phu Hmun Wat Ban Jan Guru Monk Lockets with sacred Powder

Cameo Locket Luang Phu Hmun – ‘Run Boromajarn 5 Paen Din’ – 109 years birthday edition – Wat Ban Jan

Locket with picture of the Great Master Luang Phu Hmun of Wat Ban Jan. Luang Phu Hmun is considered one of this Centuries Greatest Master Guru Monks, but whose elusive trajectory has gone unnoticed by the masses until his recent passing, before which, only his true Devotees knew the secret of his greatness. Now, however, Luang Phu Hmuns miracle power is beginning to become Internationally heard of.

run boromajarn 5 paen din edition (Guru Monks of 5 regions of Thailand empowerment celebrating 109 years Birthday LP Hmun) – made at Wat Ban Jan – Sri Saket

Size; 3.5 Cm high x 2.5 Cm wide 999 amulets made

The rear face of the Locket is filled with Pong Wised (special powder) made by Luang Phu Hmun himself, and one ‘Met Prakam’ bead (rosary bead), with some ‘Ploi Gomen’ (semi precious stones), all three of which were empowered and blessed by Luang Phu Hmun before his death.
Puttapisek Blessing was held within the Chedi stupa in front of the corpse of Luang Phu Hmun on 11th March 2010.

His great colleague and friend, Luang Phu Pa Atiwaro was present for the chanting, as well as LP Kam Bu (wat gut chompoo), and LP Samrit.

2nd Puttapisek Empowerment

Another blessing was made on a Sao Haa auspicious date at Wat Sutat in Bangkok with Luang Por An (Wat Tamma Kosok and Luang Por Siri (Wat Dtan, Nontaburi).

Bucha statue LP Hmun

There is a Legend of a sacred boulder stone, which somehow turned up with Luang Phu Hmuns footprint embedded in it after he had stood on it. It is believed that wherever Luang Phu Hmun placed his foot, that place would prosper, and the Deities would come and protect and nourish the place and its inhabitants, as well as attract helpful thoughts in the minds of those who approach, resulting in being treaded kindly and recieving all kinds of generosity and help from others (metta mahaniyom). Luang Phu Hmun wil help his devotees to become wealthy or even millionaires.

The amulets were made by Master Guru monks of 5 different regions of Thailand on request of Luang Phu Hmun who said that when he reached 109 years old that this ceremony should be performed and that Bucha statues and Lockets in his image should be made. It seems that Luang Phu knew something auspicious was going to happen, but didnt tell anyone the details, except leaving the request to make these amulets and empower then in front of his corpse in the Chedi.

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