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Latest Products on Thailand Amulets have been selling out as they are added, due to the high demand of these kinds of amulets currently being added. Here is a lost of the latest products added and posted to keep you up to date if you didn’t subscribe to our new product feed updates yet. We now have two update rss feeds one for newsletters and one for product additions, which you can subscribe to both or either. The product feed will be much more active so if you dont want too many newslettters, then it is best just to update to the 2 times a month newsletter. The top left sidebar navigation of has both feed subscription inks if you didn’t sign up yet.

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As to our sister store which is now up and running and fast growing in the number of amulets in store. We try to stock different ranges as we do here on, so please visit it to see our selection of different amulets from different masters.

Buddhist Amulet dot Net

some of the latest products added to the BuddhistAmulet.Net store are very interesting and highly collectable items which we have sought out to present different ranges to the usual Masters who are found on most English language websites.

Lek Lai

Million Year Old Petrified Holy Wood amulets hand carved into Pra Somdej and Pra Nang Paya Amulets – available on our sister store at Buddhist Amulet – click on image to view

Pra Somdej/Pra Nang Paya Ngiw Dam Gae Salak

Lek Lai Lek Lai