Kuman Tong Nopparit amulet for luck and riches – Luang Phor Sri Mueang

Kuman Tong for Serm Duang (increase auspiciousness of Astrological alignments) and Choke Lap (lucky and never poor). Kuman Tong Nopparit is made from Nuea Rae Gayasit (Kaya Siddhi elements) – ‘Gon Dtai Ud Pong Aathan Fang Tagrud’ (sorcerors powder and pure silver Tagrud spell insert in the base) – Luang Phor Sri Mueang – Wat Kanto.

Kuman Tong LP Sri Mueang

Made by Luang Phor Sri Mueang of Wat Kantod, Supanburi.
This Kuman is good for traveling salesmen and gamblers too because you can take it with you as a mini Bucha, or wear it always as an amulet. It can also be kept in your home as a small Bucha  statuette.

4.2 Centimeters High and 2.2 Centimeters wide. the amulet is made from sacred powders and prai ingredients mixed with sacred powder and earth from seven cemeteries.

Gumarn Tong amulet

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Kata Bucha Kuman Tong Nopparit
Sappae Chanaa Pahoo Chanaa Gumarowaa Bpiyang Ma Ma Maa Maa Aehi Jid-dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma

Kata Kuman Tong Noparit (Wave sound file)

Kata Kuman Tong Noparit (Mp3 Sound File)

(offer three incense sticks (lit), boiled rice and boiled eggs).

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