Khmer Mummy Statue (Jom Phuudt Prai Grasip Dam) – Pra Ajarn Akaradech

Bucha size Khmer mummy (‘Nuea Pong Prai Maha Phuudt)’ by Pra Ajarn Akaradech Akkadtecho.

The Khmer mummy is known lovingly as Jom Phuudt Prai Dam (‘The Black Prai Sorceror Phantom’), and is used in much the same way as many other animist or prai amulets, such as the hun payont, prai grasip, or kumarn tong effigy. The bucha methods of worship and offerings are also the same as for adult prai spirit devas.

Size of statue; 9.5 Cm long x 2.5 Cm wide x 2 Cm high – 99 statues made

There was also a special ongk kroo version in golden coffin made with gold leaf blessing, of which only 32 statues were made.

The muan sarn powders were made from the earths of 7 salt licks, 7 cemeteries, 7 ports, 7 farm fields, 7 orchards, 7 caves, and 7 mountain peaks. In addition, magical herbs and woods were added; ga fak rak, mai takian fa pha, wan maha lap, wan prai grasip bork choke lap, wan prai dam ta tip, wan maha niyom, and wan nang kum. Also added were; one eyed coconut shell powders, pong prai ta tip (‘divine eyed ghost powders’), prai grasip powder, powdered bones of a ‘phii dtaay tang glom’, prai kumarn powder, dtaanii banana lady ghost prai oil,  nam man prai takian (‘Takian tree ghost prai oil), bone ashes of a kumarn tong, hairs of a prai ghost.

Pong graduk aathan yoni (prai vulva magic powder), pong na hoeng prai (powdered bones of a phii dtaay hoeng treated as ‘pong lop’ yantra powder and further empowered), klai bote sema chedi (pieces of broken temple wall, uposadha wall and chedi wall). Nam man nang prai sai Khmer (prai oil of a Khmer lady who became a prai ghost), pong bpan hneng hoeng prai jet dton (7 hoeng prai ghosts forehead bone carving* powder).

The hoeng prai were molded and then blessed and empowered by calling upon the multitudes of spirits within the prai herbal necromantic oils and bone powders to instill their consciousnesses within the amulets and dwell within using the ‘Kata Akarn 32’, and the 3 methods of invocation and turning of the elements, to reanimate the effigies with the living mind of a prai ghost. Each amulet was individually empowered before the blessing.

A takrut spell is inserted in the rear face of the statue. The takrut are excellent for gambling and forewarning of danger or lucky happenings.

Magical Properties

Choke lap (lucky and wealthy), metta maha niyom (be the preferred person, receive mercy), maha sanaeh (popularity and sexual attraction), siang choke, gae aathan (anti black magic), klaew klaad (evade dangers), grasip choke (forewarn of impending good or bad lucky streaks).

Four different versions were made of this amulet, two portable mummy amulets, and two mummy bucha statues, the ongk kroo being laid within coffins, for the bucha altar. Both the portable amulets and the buchas were released in standard (‘tammada’), and ongk kroo master versions.

This powerful piece of Khmer prai sorcery is usable for almost all needs and tasks, protecting the household, vehicle, travel protection, stop black magic, fend off demons, bring lucky fortunes and success in gambling, love and attraction, improve profession and social life. Gambling activities are especially suitable for this hoeng prai bucha Khmer mummy statue.

Offerings and Bucha

Each night, take some ‘lao khaw’ (white rice whisky – if you can’t get this any liquor will indeed be fine to offer), and smear it on the mouth of the mummy.

Kata Bucha Mummy Khmer

Om Swai Tia Yia Jor Khamote Tor Bpria.

Chant the kata 3 times. The amulet can be carried in the pocket or worn on an amulet neck chain, or attach to a cord even at waist level or in the pocket. You can also leave it on the altar for home bucha purposes if preferred.

* Bone carving: The powders were made from already empowered and existing ‘ban neng’ forehead bone skull carvings, which were then powdered in ceremonial ritual and further empowered as muan sarn for these amulets.

Kata and how to Worship Look Krok

Kata Hun Payont, Mae Takian, Nang Prai

Kata Kuman Tong

List of Kata Chants – Metta Maha Niyom/Maha Sanaeh

How to Chant ‘Namo Tassa’ and the triple refuge


Maker: Pra Ajarn Akaradech Akka Dtaecho

Magical Effects: Choke lap, metta maha niyom, maha sanaeh, siang choke, gae aathan, klaew klaad

Material: Bone powders, takrut, sacred earths, herbs and prai oils

Recommended Uses: Gambling luck and wealth, be the preferred person, receive mercy, popularity and sexual attraction, anti black magic, evade dangers

Number of Amulets Made: 99 statues made

Edition: Dtraimas 2555 BE