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Recently, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood –the author of the Buddha Magic e-zine and the Sak Yant e-book– has kindly made the first issue of Buddha Magic available as a free download on Hereby Ajarn Spencer donates Buddha Magic I to those who want to study this topic in more detail. It is hoped that the valuable information shared by Ajarn Spencer sheds light on the deeper meaning of various types of Thai amulets, providing thereby new insight in regard to the general understanding of Thai Buddha magic.

Buddha Magic I contains 70 pages in full color with articles about Thai animism, Buddhism, Buddhist art, Buddhist monks, Thai temples, and, of course, Thai amulets. Hence, Buddha Magic offers in depth study material for the collector of Thai Buddhist amulets. In addition, the e-zine contains detailed information about the various forms of  ritual practices in Thailand.

Buddha Magic Issue 1 - Now Completely FREE


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