Choo Chok amulet for Wealth and Success by LP Gliang

This Choo Chok Loi Ongk statuette has sacred powders for riches attraction as well as a spell to make you live to an old age (‘Aayu Yern’ means ‘long life’, and ‘Ruay Som Prartana’ means ‘as rich as your wishes’).

A rare amulet from Luang Phu Gliang, 3 Centimeters high and 2 Centimeters wide. Luang Phu Gliangs bame is embossed in the base for authenticity, which is the case with most of his amulets.
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Comes without case in original box from the temple.

Although not a very small amulet, this is also classed as a ladies amulet because it does not have to be worn around the neck, and can be carried on the purse for example, and in addition, this amulet/Deity is successful with female devotees, and is thuse one of our recommendations for ladies.

Choo Chok is called Jujaka in English, and appears in the Jatakas story of Prince Vessantara (the previous incarnation of Lord Buddha). Prince Vessantara was the son of Sañjaya, king of Sivirattha (Sivi-Rashtra), and was born in the capital city of Jatuttara as a Bodhisatta