Bia Gae Krob Jakrawal (Manifold Obstacle Remover) – Ajarn Apichai Decha

The bia gae Krob Jakrawal is something rare to see Ajarn Apichai release to the devotees, for his method, and the muan sarn ingredients used are both immensely rare as they are difficult to gather and complete the formula. These bia gae using the wicha Khmer taught by his masters and transmitted since centuries, are especially powerful protection against all form of black magic, sorcery, evil curses, demons and even physical dangers such as projectile weapons, deadly accidents and sharp instruments.

The bia gae also possesses metta maha niyom, and maha sanaeh charm power, and enchants people into appreciating and liking you, and induces profitable commerce and business success.

This bia gae can be used to make holy prayer water for spraying and blessing or exorcism or even to induce sales on the wares in your store, or to spray the entrance to your shop, or house. The holy prayer water will both attract customers and friends, but also keep evil and black magic at bay.

The bia gae is made in the most ancient and traditional manner with original hand cord wrapping, sacred resin lacquer coating, some sacred powder, and gold leaf blessing, and are for this era, so very adherent to the ancient methods of sorcery, as to render this amulet not only powerful, but also in extremely good taste, and preserving the tradition of ancient amulet making, to retain the full power of the ancient Kroo Ba Ajarn who first began the wicha.

How to make holy prayer water

The bia gae comes with rings attached so can be worn around the waistline with a cord or attached as a pendant in another way. It can be encased in waterproof casing if wished, as some people prefer direct immersion to make holy prayer water and some prefer to encase in waterproof casing, to protect the bia from being affected by the immersion in water.

Your choice depends on how much importance you lay on the water coming into contact with the bia itself and the sacred muan sarn ingredients, or, if you prefer to call upon the energy waves that it emits to empower the water, and leave the muan sarn intact and undiluted. Direct immersion may reduce the power of the amulet through dilution of the muan sarn, but this also depends on the faith factor too, because muan sarn, the strength of faith of the devotee, and the psychic empowerment of the amulet by the master, all play a different part, or are different sources of power that can be tapped from the amulet.

Kata Bucha Bia Gae

Sittigijjang Sitti Gammang Sitti Gaariya Dta Thaa Kadto Sitti Dtaecho Chayo Nij-Jang Sappa Sitti Bprasitti Mae.

Chant one time, and wish for all blessings of protection and prosperity.


Maker: Ajarn Apichai Decha

Magical Effects: Gae aathan, pong gan phuudt phii, klaew klaad, kong grapan, kaa khaay, metta mahaniyom, maha sanaeh

Material: Bia shell, alchemical mercury (‘prord’), herbal resins, gold leaf, cord wrapping, sacred powders, kring

Recommended Uses: Protection against black magic, accidents, guns and knife attack, increase business flow and prosperity, chase away evil

Number of Amulets Made: Unknown

Edition: Wai Kroo 2555 BE