Buang Nakabat Naga Sling – Luang Por Raks

Buang Nakabat Naga Sling coiled Nāga serpent of Bodhala in seven sacred alchemical metal alloy with rainbow colours, from the great Ayuttaua Master Luang Por Raks Analayo, of Wat Sutawat Vipassana. The amulet works as a Treasure Trap to reel in prized possessions with (including customers, admirers and lovers).

The Buang Nak is a coiled Naga Serpent enclosed tightly upon itself, in a ringed form, like an armband, and is representative of Maha Pokasap Wealth enclosing containment of riches, and Cornucopia type Prosperity. The ‘Buang Nakabat’ (Magic Naga Ring), is an image of a serpent or Naga coiled into a ring, or sometimes seen swallowing its tail. Much like the Oroubouros serpent of Hermetic Magick, the attributed meanings are manyfold.