Beautiful Loi Ongk Statuette Amulets of Luang Por Raks

New Arrivals in store bring you some incredibly beautiful sacred alchemical metal alloy Loi Ongk statuettes from the great Master Monk of Ayuttaya, Luang Por Raks Anālayo, in glistening rainbow toned metals, The amulets  have arrived with us at Thailand Amulets from various years, including the 2558 BE Sri Maha Lap Edition, and 2559 BE Rachasri Ayodhaya Edition, and the Nakarach Dab Pai 2559 BE Edition.

All these editions were released to raise more funds to continue Luang Por Raks’ continuous project for building of the grand Putta Monton Ayuttaya (Buddha Lands of Ayuttaya).

The first statuettes of the edition are now arriving in the storefront, and feature some incredibly beautiful and finely designed amulets, which include the Paya Rachasri Phone Himapant Lion, the Pra Sangkajjai Arahant, and the Buang Nakabat Naga Sling, which you can view in the gallery below.

Luang Por Raks (alternatively called ‘ Luang Por Luck’) is one of this Century’s new Arya Sangha and Gaeji Ajarn, who is becoming every more prominent, as his merits become noticed in all the Regions of Thailand. His amulets are of the finest and most fairly priced, with excellent empowerments and blessing ceremonies, with only the top Masters present. Luang Por Raks is Famous for his Immortal Saying ‘Powerful or Not Powerful, depends on the Mind Itself”.

Luang Por Raks Analayo Wat Sutawat Vipassana

Luang Por Raks Analayo Wat Sutawat Vipassana

This means of course “The True Power, comes from the Mind, and From Faith”. So many of Luang Por Raks’ amulet editions have recieved great attention and many cases of positive experience with his amulets, has caused Luang Por Raks amulets to become some of the Most Prized Classic Buddhist Amulets of the present day, and more so in the Future.