Ancient Khmer formula Hun Payont effigy – Luang Por Bpun

Hun Payont Baeb Boran – Chae Nam Man Wan Sanaeh (soaked in charm oil) – Ancient formula Hun Payont effigy – Luang Por Bpun

500 Hun Payon Effigies were made in this special soaked in charm oil limited edition of hand made Hun Payon effigies. The Hun Payon, are made and empowered by Luang Phor Bpun Tammabalo, using potent spells and incantations with extreme Maha Sanaeh attraction power. Both Men and Women can use them with exactly the same effect.

5 Centimeters High. This is a Dtua Kroo Gammagarn edition soaked in special attraction oils and herbs for increased powers of attraction and dominion over the opposite sex. Both men and women can use this for business or marital purposes.

Kata Bucha ‘Hun Payont Boran Hying Chai Chay Hlong Chay Chai Hying Hlong’

Na Mo Puttaaya – Na Mo Puttaaya – Na Mo Puttaaya

Imapata, Imapata, Imapata

Saatu Saatu Saatu

Kata Pluk Hun Payont (animation spell)

Namo Poog Jidt Namo Poog Jai namo Rak Krai Na Pag Jai Sangko

Tanya Udti Sangkhodti