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Thai Amulets Added in April & Some News about Safe Sak Yant

Thailand Amulets and Buddhist Arts

Presenting an easy to sit back, relax and watch slideshow of the amulets added to Thailand Amulets, Buddhist Amulet, and Ancient Amulet Stores in the Month of April.

Please enjoy this long slideshow presenting you with a general overview of the latest amulets we have added to all three online amulet stores, without having to visit all three stores to browse. You can see which store which amulet was added to easily because each picture has the url of the store it was added to watermarked on it, as each image comes up throughout the slideshow.

If any amulet interests you, you can then go to whichever of the three websites it is in, to view it and read up about it

We hope you enjoy the slideshow. The Music for this slideshow was composed and played by Thailand-Amulets Proprietor, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood, Music Making being one of his personal hobbies, which he does to relax from his hard work authoring and publishing info on Buddha Magic, Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos, and Thai Amulets.

On the

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Thailand Amulets closed for three days

How to Pray to Thai Amulets

Hi, this is Ajarn Spencer of Thailand Amulets, to inform you all that I am closing the Thailand amulets shop for three days until 17 August. This is because I have to go to Bangkok and some other places to obtain new gifts to send to you all with your orders. Rest assured, that the store will be open again after the 17th as usual, and that I will have a whole new set of free gifts for you all when I send your amulets, and so you will be able to receive new kinds of gifts would you have not received yet Although I still have many things in store, to give out, I do not wish to repeat the same gifts with my customers, and so feel the need to go and expand The choice of free gifts which I like to add to the Parcels, when I send your amulets. So, I apologize for the couple of days closure of the stall but I am alone in the moment, and really need to do it to be able to go and find new gifts for you all. Thanks for your understanding everybody! Regards; Ajarn Spencer

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Thailand Amulets App now in Google Play

Download Thailand Amulets App from Google Play Store

Thailand Amulets store, and all of its social pages, are now available as an Android app, for free download in the Google play store. An iTunes app is also in the making, and should be ready within about one week from now and will be submitted to the iTunes App Store for those who use iPad iPhone or Mac.

You can download the android version of the ThailandAmulets app and store, by clicking on the following link.

Get Thailand Amulets Android App in the Google Play Store

Lady – Horse Lovers amulet rare LP Bpan 2553 BE

Ma Saep Nang LP Bpan

The Achanaree is basically the Ma Saep Nang Wicha in the gariang Kor Ma tradition of Luang Por Bpan’s Lineage of Masters, and is known to be as powerful as his Wicha Paetch Payatorn (Khun Phaen Tewada Hlong Hong). With three Takrut Na Hlong Hlai enchantment spells, and two Takrut Ma Saep Nang (Horse and Lady Symbiotic Yab-Yum Deity) Inserted.

Made using a subtle mixture of Maha Sanaeh powders gathered and empowered by Luang Phu Bpan. The powders are empowered to attract great business and for Kama Sutra magic. Also good for Tantra practitioners to intensify the practice.

The front face features the Ma Saep Nang Deity , Takrut Hua Jai Na Hlong Hlai, with some Na Hlong Hlai spells and the Kata ‘Aehi Bpiyang Jijeruni’

the rear face has a further set of Incantations inscibed, and two Ma Saep nang Takrut spells inserted

Kata for chanting to amulets which use Wicha Gariang Kor Ma, by Luang Phu Bpan

Kata Ma Saep Nang

Gu Gu Dto Muni Aehi Samma Maa Maa Sammaa Ma Ma

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Download Buddha Magic I for Free at Thailand Amulets

Buddha Magic Issue 1 - Now Completely FREE

Recently, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood –the author of the Buddha Magic e-zine and the Sak Yant e-book– has kindly made the first issue of Buddha Magic available as a free download on Thailand-Amulets.net. Hereby Ajarn Spencer donates Buddha Magic I to those who want to study this topic in more detail. It is hoped that the valuable information shared by Ajarn Spencer sheds light on the deeper meaning of various types of Thai amulets, providing thereby new insight in regard to the general understanding of Thai Buddha magic.

Buddha Magic I contains 70 pages in full color with articles about Thai animism, Buddhism, Buddhist art, Buddhist monks, Thai temples, and, of course, Thai amulets. Hence, Buddha Magic offers in depth study material for the collector of Thai Buddhist amulets. In addition, the e-zine contains detailed information about the various forms of ritual practices in Thailand.


All E-publications on Thailand-Amulets.net now serve you a private download link to your ebook immediately after going through checkout, with no waiting.


Download your free copy here.On agreeing to download this free

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Rare and Exclusive Lockets from Ajarn Perm Prai Dam in Store

Rare and Exclusive Lockets from Ajarn Perm Prai Dam in Store

Thailand Amulets’ store has some of the rarest and most exclusive lockets made and blessed by the famous laymaster Ajarn Perm Prai Dam. The various lockets have a very strong prai magic nature due to the extremely rich and potent prai ingredients used for the making of the sacred muan sarn mixture. Magic herbs, flowers, and sacred powders are also included in Ajarn Perm’s lockets. Some of the lockets are immersed in powerful prai oil, and have takrut foils along with various animist charms (in koo, gecko charms, palad khik, etc.) inserted to the rear face of the locket. Furthermore, Ajarn Perm performed hand inscriptions on several kinds of lockets he made.

These rare and sacred items have received extensive empowerments by Ajarn Perm. He thus consecrated the lockets with metta mahaniyom, maha sanaeh, and khaa khaay powers, which make them powerful amulets for attraction, romantic seduction, and success in business. Moreover, Ajarn Perm’s lockets can help to increase lucky fortunes through gambling and lottery wins. This is because most of his lockets are empowered by invoking a certain

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New Accessories for Thai Amulets in Store

New accessories for Thai amulets in store

We now have various options for hanging your animists charms and amulets at waist level in the traditional type method using our new range of takrut belts. These belts are called ‘Chuak Takrut Kart Aew’, which are hand plaited cord belts for takrut, palad khik, and other occult charms such as tiger claws and wild boar tusks. One can thus hang them tied to the waist cord according the traditional Thai way of wearing these kind of amulets. Depending on the type of the amulet, one can place the amulet on the front, left, right, or back of the Chuak Takrut Kart Aew, using metal rings to attach them with. Also, as a closure method, a loop is attached to one end of the belt to feed the cord through and tie it.

The waist cords are hand woven with multiple threads that will allow you to attach your amulets in such a way that there will be no chance of losing them. Moreover, the cord is extremely durable and it is even washable, making this waist belt a perfect

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Sacred Magic Wands hand inscription of Khmer Spells cut from a Holy Tree.

Mai Kroo Paya Ngiw Dam - Magic Wand Hand Carved from Black Paya Ngiw Dam Holy Wood

Sacred holy wooden magic wand with handmade inscriptions of magic invocations in Ancient Khom.

Sacred Holy Tree Wood magic wand blessed by Luang Por Prohm of Wat Ban Suan – Inheritor of the book of sorcery of the great Luang Por Kong, & Master Of the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or Southern Academy of Sorcery .

Sacred holy wooden magic wand with handmade inscriptions of magic invocations in Ancient Khom

Sacred Wands For invocations, evoking, Making holy prayer water, and blessings. Luang Por Prohm of Wat Ban Suan (Pattalung) has inscribed Khmer spells upon the shaft of the hand carved holy wooden wand, and performed the Invocations of the Lineage of the Kroo Ba Ajarn. This one is handcarved and inscribed taken from a Sacred Holy tree believed to be inhabited by a elemental Deity or, Deva.

These ones were made along with various other amulets in this series, but it is the Magic wands and scepters, sacred water bowls and the sacred Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi elemental substance, along with ritual knives and daggers, and all forms all

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Bucha Statue of Luang Por Supoj Sitting on a Two Headed Tiger

Luang Por Supoj bucha image

This bucha statue features Luang Por Supoj sitting on a two headed tiger. The base of the statue is filled with various sacred items to increase the magic power. An amulet with the face of a tiger is inserted, which lends maha amnaj power, so that people are afraid to take you on as their enemy, and thus they won’t attack you. Then, there are two takrut Pokasap in the base for choke lap to attract riches and treasures.

The base contains also a small bottle of sacred herbs (‘pong wan chiang mak rian pokasap’) along with a Thai Baht coin with the King’s face on it. The bottle of sacred herbs has some hairs of Luang Por Supoj, and a tiny pice of his civara robe in it as well. These sacred ingredients are, of course, meant for auspicious luck, and to prosper with a very good foundation of wealth.

Below the image of Luang Por Supoj, a number code is stamped on the base, along with a series number between the two tigers.

Luang Por

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Thailand Amulets Newsletter April 2013 – Latest and Upcoming Thai amulets

Pra Somdej Gai Ser - Wat Arun 2554 BE

Thailand Amulets Newsletter for April takes a look at the latest amulets added during March, and April 2013, with some news of the arrival of the Long Awaited Jao Sua Sethee Yai‘s arrival, after a long delayed wait.

The new series of Master Class Amulets from Luang Por Jerd of Suan Badibat Tam Po Sethee in Nakorn Pathom is as impressive as the last edition of lockets, Taw Waes Suwan and Wua Tanu amulets, which also featured the amazing insertion of 108 Takrut, 56 Takrut, or 28 Takrut spells within a Muan Sarn base of Ya Wasana Jinda Manee paste.

Above; Pra Jao Sua Sethee Yai – Nuea Pong Wan Pasom Ya Wasana Jinda Manee with 28 solid silver Takrut Pra Putta Jao (28 syllables of the heart mantra of the 28 Buddhas). Three different ‘Pim’ (models) were issued in Sacred Powders, featuring 28 Takrut Pra Putta Jao, 56 Takrut pra Puttakun, or 108 Takrut Pra Radtana Dtrai. All 3 models have a Takrut Hua Jai

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