Masterpiece Amulets – Tagrud Pokasap – Pra Maha Surasak – Wat Pradoo

Ajarn Pra Maha Surasaks amazingly beautiful golden Tagrud amulets have turned out to have brought immensely successful results with almost all those people who obtained on of these giant size (6 inches long) special tagrud amulets, bringing great luck in recieving windfalls, business sales and auspicious occurences, that they have become immensely sought after.

Latest one-off gift given – Lead and Silver Tagrud for Protection and Charm

This was the latest gift given to customer at Thailand-Amulets.Net. I always give some free amulets and gifts with every order, and this is one of two gifts in the most recent parcel sent to a customer. Each tagrud is individually hand made and empowered with dedication and full heartedness, in addition they are not for sale, and only for free distribution as Puttanussadti, and a thank you to my customers on the amulet store.

Free amulets and charms with every order on Thailand-Amulets

Thailand Amulets store always gives customers two or three presents in every order, which change from time to time so you dont get the same when you order something new. In the moment we are happy to be able to give free Metta oil Rak…