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Thai Amulets Added in April & Some News about Safe Sak Yant

Presenting an easy to sit back, relax and watch slideshow of the amulets added to Thailand Amulets, Buddhist Amulet, and Ancient Amulet Stores in the Month of April. Please enjoy this long slideshow presenting you with a general overview of the latest amulets we have…

Sak Yant Shirt – 5 faced Pralak Deity – Luang Phu Ka Long – Wat Khao Laem

The Yant shirts were Empowered by Luang Phu Ka Long and issued at Korb Siarn Kroo celebration of the Pra Laks Deity. Luang Phu mastered the Wicha of Pralaks magic many lifetimes ago as he once practiced together with the Deity we now know as Por Phu Ruesi Jao Saming Prai, or commonly known as ‘Ruesi Hnaa Suea’ (tiger face Ruesi).

Gumarn Tong Bucha Statue

Gumarn Tong Riak Sap Bucha Statue – Samnak Kong Waet (Ajarn San)

Samnak (Ashram) Kong Waet in Ang Tong is a small Dtamnak Ruesi that performs various Yogic and Magical services – Astrological readings, Sak Yant magical tattooing and special magical charms and amulets, such as this Gumarn Tong.

The Gumarn has been made according to the Wicha of the Samnak and has sacred powders, Tagrud and a Gumarn effigy inserted into the base of the statue.

Ajarn San Kong Waet – Brahman Sak yant Master of Ang Tong District.