Bia Gae Roo Jai Cowrie Shell Thai Amulet for Psychic Telepathy

The Bia Gae Ruu Jai is distinct and Special for the fact that it is filled with Sacred Powders made from Holy Ingredients from the Legendary ‘500 Year Old Monk’, Luang Phu Suang. ‘Khaw Gon Badtr’ (dried rice from the bottom of Luang Phu’s Alms…

Ruesi Phu Jao Saming Prai Ud Pra Pikanes – Pra Ajarn Taep Pongsawadarn

Another extremely Powerful amulet for attracting the opposite sex, and for improving business, from Pra Ajarn Taep Pongsawadarn Gusala Jidto. Ajarn Taep’s amulets are never made in more than a small number because the rarity of the powders he uses is so high as to prevent the possibility of mass production.

Nymph Deity calling Deer with 'Champion Flirt' Ngang in rear face

Nang Jinda Riak Nuea Hlang Ngang Jom Jao Choo (Nymph Enchantment Deity calling Deer with ‘Champion Flirt’ Ngang inserted in rear face) – Ajarn Taep Pongsawadarn.
Powerful Occult mercy Charm with incredible Maha Sanaeh Power of attracting Wealth, Lovers and Luck This amulet is aimed at both attraction of the opposite sex, and improving business.