Traimas 2017 Amulets Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai

Traimas Edition Lanna Amulets Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai

Presenting a new range of Thai Lanna Amulets and Animist Occult Charms, coming this week From Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai, Wat Mae Ya – Living continuation of the lineage Wicha of Kroo Ba Wang (Wat Ban Den), and Kroo Ba Bpan (Wat Mae Ya) The…

New Amulets to be Added to Thailand and Buddhist Amulet stores

Amulets being added

Just a quick update, to let you have a sneak preview at the Amulets we are adding over this weekend, to both the Thailand Amulets store, and the Buddhist amulet store.

In Koo Maha Sanaeh locket (gay male version)

This locket, comes in two versions, this purple one, being the gay males version of this ancient northern sorcery (Wicha) of the Lanna Peole of Northern Thailand and Laos, and also of the ancient Khmer necromantic magical sorcery traditions.