Pra Gru Nang Paya Wat Bor Tong Kam

Gru Dtaek Wat Bor Tong Kam – Pra Nang Paya Tong Kam

In this video you can see the (three large and one small) clay pots that were found in the bottom of a Gru that broke open at Wat Bor Tong Kam, in Pitsanuloke

On March 29th 2553, at Wat Bor Tong Kam, Tambon Hua ror, Pitsanuloke, a Gru broke open, and amulets were found for the third time in 2 months. The two previous events were the 14th February 2553 at Wat Sutsawat, a Gru was found, and at Wat Rachaburana on the 20th, a Gru was also found and broken open.
This time, at Wat Bor Tong Kam, the Gru was found beneath the old Vihara building, next to ‘Pra Tong Kam’ (the Buddha image at the temple)

Pra Atigarn Twee Adthagaro (Abbot of Wat Bor Tong Kam), reveals that Wat Bor Tong Kam is an ancient temple dating back to the Ayuttaya Period, but that it was in ruins for a long time. It was only re-declared as a temple officially again in 2543 BE. The locals have always known that this temple was the scene of the practice of making Pra Gru, and they used to dig and find solid gold and other ancient amulets, until it became necessary to forbid people to dig.

2 months earlier. Pra Atigarn Twee had a hunch and dug a hole 2 meters deep next to the Buddha Image of Pra Tong Kam, and found some bricks, and a central stone, which was obviously the main pillar of the old Vihara.

This time, he only found an old Pra Pim made from Nuea Loha (metal), and two ancient Pra Gru Nang Paya amulets. But then on the 29th March, he went down the hole again and dug further, and found some clay containers. Within the containers , were hordes of ancient Pra Nang Paya amulets. The amulets are estimated to come from the Ayuttaya Period.

Because of repeated incidents of Gru Dtaek in Pitsanuloke area, many folk have begun digging around the temples, and this has begun to worry the local authorities and cultural iinstitutions.

Mr. Yong Yos Maek Arun (assistant to the District Attorney of Pitsanuloke), along with a member of the Buddhist Organisation of Pitsanuloke went to check the location, and began digging immediately. Mr. Yong Yos advised the Abbot of Wat Bor Tong Kam to stop the digging immediately, close the hole and make a fence around the area. In addition, night watchmen were found to watch over the Gru and ward off thieves, until they could arrange to gather, catalog and place on display for rental to Devotees, in the official manner with all funds being recorded and through the temples account.