Pra Gru Dtaek – Amulet from secret hiding places

Pra Gru (or sometimes spelled ‘Pra Kru, or ‘Phra Kru’), is the Thai name for an amulet from a secret hiding place where Sacred Thai Amulets are buried. Guru Masters make amulets and sometimes bury them without telling the public, or sometimes they are  simply forgotten about over the years.

Then, after time, due to the passage of time, humidity and weather change (or some people believe due to Miracles), the ‘Gru’ will break open and reveal that it is a hiding place for something (amulets). This will almost always be within the temple grounds. When this happens, the Gru will be cordoned off, and investigated. Once the amulets have been found and cataloged, they will be either distributed or will be kept for posterity, depending on their numbers and rarity/historical importance.

This page will begin to cover the various occasions of ‘Dtaek Gru’ which have been documented, and will be constantly added to as new info is acquired. Links to pages on each different edition of Pra Gru secret hiding place amulets will appear here below as as they are made.

Discovery of Pra Gru Nang Paya Wat Bor Tong Kam