Dtamra Bia Gae Luang Phu Juea – Wat Klang Bang Gaew

The Making of the Bia Gae Jon Magic seashell amulet by LP Juea.

LP Juea teaches the Wicha Bia Gae
The Bia Gae Jon (shell for removing poverty), is a very famous type of Thai Buddhist Amulet, for which the temple of Wat Klang bang gaew is known for, with all the last four Abbots being known worldwide for their Wicha Bia Gae. The temple has been famous for this amulet since the times of LP Bun, and LP Perm  Luang Phu Juea has become known as one of the Grand Masters of all time. The Bia Gae Jon, is actually in truth, the ‘Bia Gae’ because the word ‘Gae’ means ‘to remedy or solve’.

Bia Gae Luang Phu Juea Wat Klang Bang Gaew

The Bia Gae does not only solve poverty, but is also very famous for its power to protect against Black magic, illness and accidents, and for its many other auspicious qualities. LP Juea passed away some time ago, and the current abbot, LP Sanya is now becoming just as famous as his predecessors for the Wicha Bia Gae. It was however the Bia Gae of LP Juea which first caused this temple to become known on an International scale. The Bia Gae from LP Bun and LP Perm are now both extremely rare, and extremely expensive. The Bia Gae from LP Juea are still affordable but since his passing are becoming ever rarer and more expensive, and seem to be following the same trend as his predecessors, looking to one day become just as unaffordable as those by LP Perm and LP Bun.

Luang Phu Juea’s famous Bia Gae in the tradition of Wat Klang Bang Gaew is one of the most famous Dtamra Bia Gae in all of Thai History. Wat Klang Bang Gaew has given rise to four great Masters in succession, all of whom have been masters of the Ya Wasana Jinda Manee sacred pellet, and of the Wicha for making ‘Bia Gae Jon’ amulets. Luang Phu Juea Must be thanked in our hearts for his great Metta in allowing his Looksit to approach and document the complete sequence he used to prepare Bia Gae charms, so that we can enjoy learning and reading about the Thai Bia Gae amulet making methods of Wat Klang Bang Gaew. Please click on the images and surf through the gallery to read each stage of the process. Each image in sequence has a small explanation below it describing the process