Ajarn Karawas – Lay Masters

Karawasa means ‘Lay person’. It is believed by Thai People that the most powerful amulets, especially those of the Maha Sanaeh and Maha Lap variety, are those made by the Lay practitioners, who are not so strictly and Ethically bound as the Ordained Members of the Sangha, when it comes to the various methods of empowerment and sacred ingredients used for the magical powders and potions needed for powerful amulets.

It must be added however, in contrast, and all fairness, that although the Occult Power of Lay Master amulets are unarguably potentially the most powerful, the Miracle Power of the Purity of some Monks who attain Arahantship or at least Stream Entry, and attain the Immaterial Levels of Jhanic Meditation, can sometimes render a Purely Buddhist amulet, in principle whose magic is based only in its purity and the faith of the wearer/devotee, into a miracle charm of invincibility. Many cases of this have been recorded, and is of course one of the reasons why some amulets become so famous, sought after and expensive to acquire.

The fact that Lay masters mostly make few numbers of each edition of amulets causes their editions to become unavailable rapidly, and also to increase in value steadily as time passes. It is therefore advisable to snap up an amulet that one finds truly interesting and thinks one will wish to acquire, because once sold it is often no more available, except in cases where a second or third edition is released, which is not often.

Lay masters have Family responsibilities and worldly needs and do not survive from Alms as do the Ordained Monks, so their amulets are generally somewhat more expensive than Buddhist Amulets from temples and Master Monks.

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