A perfect Offering – The real way to reduce Bad Luck and increase Riches

Offerings to the Sangha – How to Practice Generosity, what to think and feel – Mindfulness Cultivation for Real Transformation

One way of Powerfully reducing Negative Karma is said to be to donate a Buddha statue to a temple – many people purchase factory made statues to donate for this purpose, which is fine of course, but someone wishing to donate a Buddha statue to a temple for the reason of preserving the Buddha religion, would do better with a work of art that is more enduring and inspiring to the eye, that is correctly empowered, and whose beauty would ensure that it would be taken care of and on display as an inspiration to future Buddhists far into the future. This is of course the merit we receive when donating a Buddha statue, and this should be understood and cultivated in the heart when donating.

If we are full of bliss in the thought of how our statue will last for years and help to inspire the Dhamma in the hearts of future Generations, who encounter our statue we donated. Then we shall receive the greatest blessings fortunes and riches in this very same lifetime. A gift of Buddha Image to a Temple is one of the most powerful ways of reducing Negative Karma, and of increasing Fortune and Wealth, but this only really works when the heart has truly developed a pure instinct to wish to preserve and nourish the Buddha Sasana (Buddhism). It is important to cultivate the true joy in the heart of the benefits of our donation, and true joy in the pure intention to share our merits with others, especially and including those we have harmed in the past.

When we remember to offer and practice generosity with gladness in our hearts, and offer our fruits of our merits to those we have harmed in past lives and this one, then we will immediately reduce our Karma and increase the magical Aura of Metta Mahaniyom which is generated from our genuine practice.

Pra Sangkajjai Buddha of Happiness and Wealth – Run ‘Udom Somburn Poon Sukh’ – Wat Pai Lom

This Beautiful hand painted Buddha statue is from Wat Pai Lom temple famous for the great Guru Master Luang Por Poon, whose amulets and Bucha items were always renowned for their great beauty and Majestic Aura. The tradition of combining the most sacred ingredients and Puttapisek Empowerment Ceremony with the best in Thai Buddhist Art design continues at Wat Pai Lom, home of Thailands Famous Chedi in Nakorn Pathom. The statues and amulets released in this series were blessed in 2553 BE on three different occasions;

1. One Dtraimas empowerment (three month receiving meditative empowerment using Jhanic powers and chanting)
2. One Puttapisek on Loi Gratong day at Wat Pai Lom
3. One Puttapisek Empowerment Ceremony on New Years Eve.

Any amulets or Bucha coming from the temple of Wat Pai Lom can be considered a National Favorite, Authentically Sacred and of good reputation, as well as almost always being a beautiful piece of Buddhist Art, which is pure Puttaanussadti (remembrance of the Lord Buddha and his accomplishment).

This beautiful Sangkajjaiyana Buddha is a worthy item to grace the altar of anyone’s home and would be accepted proudly and placed on view in any temple of Thailand if offered as a Gift to the Sangha.